Following The Masters Through My BlackBerry

I’ve been on a 14 hour road trip today (Mrs. GolfBlogger and I are tag team driving), and have figured out several ways to follow the second round of the masters through my Blackberry. My primary source is a free app called “ScoreMobile”, which shows a constantly updated leaderboard for PGA Tour events. Incidentally, the app also shows scores for the NBA, NCAA Football and Basketball, the NHL, MLB, NASCAR, the NFL, EPL, EUFA-CL, MLS, Formula 1 and the CFL. It’s a great way to keep in touch.

My second source of information was the PGA Tour’s Mobile Page. which offers a full leaderboard (though not as nice as ScoreMobile’s). I found it useful though, in that it allows you to follow a single player, showing their card hole by hole. I followed Couples, then Watson most of the day.

In addition to the mobile browser that comes with my Blackberry, I also have a secondary browser called “Bolt.” It’s actually much better than the Blackberry browser at showing full web pages, complete with all the bells and whistles. Using this one, I logged into the PGA Tour’s Live Report, which had blog entries keeping me up to date with various happenings.

Two things I’d really like, though: a Shot Tracker app, like the Flash one available on the PGA Tour web page during regular tournaments, and some online radio coverage that I could access.

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