Garmin Approach X40 Golf GPS and Fitness Band

Garmin Approach X40

Garmin Approach X40

When I joined a gym a year and a half ago, I bought a Microsoft Band to help track my activities. I’ve really enjoyed that device, but unfortunately, Microsoft has decided to discontinue the line. I’ll continue to use it until it wears out, but in the meantime, I’ve browsed around looking for possible replacements.

One that intrigues me is the Garmin Approach X40. It seems to do much of what the Microsoft Band does, offering step tracking, heartbeat monitor,  and activity tracking.

What I can’t tell from the literature is whether it would 1) use its internal GPS to track my walks/runs and 2) whether the activity tracking would keep tabs on the calories I’ve burned while lifting weights or using the stationary bike. If someone has experience with this, I’d be interested in hearing about it.

The Garmin Approach X40 features;

  • GPS receiver – high-sensitivity GPS acquires satellites quickly to Show distance to greens, Hazards and doglegs -even under Tree cover
  • Auto shot – round analyzer measures shot distances with auto-recording for post-round analysis on your Garmin connect account
  • 24/7 Heart rate monitoring – Elevate wrist Heart rate technology allows you to track your Heart rate all day and night – Activity Tracking Accuracy (go to accuracy)
  • Activity Tracking – reminds you to stay active on or off the course with move bar alerts
  • Battery life – rechargeable battery: up to 5 days in activity mode; up to 10 hours in GPS mode


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