Golf Games: Stringball

Golf Games StringballIn this humorous golf game each player is issued one foot of string for every shot on his handicap. During the round, players can move their ball a distance up to and including the length of the string—BUT—they must cut that same distance from the string. As the round goes on, the string gets shorter …

I have seen a variant of this in some charity golf outings I have played. Players are able to buy pieces of string (with the money going to the charity, of course) to aid them in their round. Each string is a one-time-use sort of thing, so it helps to buy a pocketful.

As noted in the comments below, it also could be used as an inexpensive filler for the goodies bag at outings.

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2 thoughts on “Golf Games: Stringball”

  1. I let people buy a putting string at my last charity scramble.  However instead of letting teams cut their own, I just put 3 pieces, 6” 12” and 18” in a baggie, each to be used one time.  You could join them together if you wanted, using 2 or all 3 on one hole if you liked.

  2. I love this idea!  It would be great with kids, especially, I would think.  While a full golf game can seem monotonous and straining for children, playing something like this could make it not only fun but desirable.


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