Ike’s Golfing Game

Here’s a classic article from the July 1953 Golf Digest on Ike’s game.

On President’s Day, it’s a great look back at the attitudes and politics of the day. Note the use of a phrase that would never be used today:

Needless to say there has been some criticism of Eisenhower’s golfing proclivities. Political opponents have inferred that he seems more interesting in breaking 90 on the golf course than in breaking the deadlock in Korea. There has even been an attempt on the part of certain radical elements to vilify Ike in the public mind by linking him with the “rich businessman’s hobby.” Such demagogues apparently haven’t heard what has happened to golf in the past 30 years or so.

But the former five-star general doesn’t seem to mind—or even notice—these flank attacks. He plays golf for vitally needed relaxation and exercise. To him it’s a tonic—like reading, fishing, napping, TV-viewing or some other activity might be to another man. Ike uses golf to help combat the fatigue and strain of what has been referred to as a “man-killing” job. Friends say that he can arrive at a course completely fagged out, play a secluded round with one or two friends and end up fresh as a daisy.

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