In The Mail: True OG Feel Camo Golf Shoes

In The Mail: True OG Feel Camo Golf Shoes

Arriving in the mail for review this week are a pair of True OG Feel Camo Golf Shoes (manufacturer’s website)

As a dedicated walker (I regularly do 36 a day), I’m a big fan of True’s shoes. They are designed from the ground up (literally) for the walking golfer. The zero drop outsole and flexible tread help this particular “feel” golfer stay connected to the ground. They are light enough to keep that spring in my step.

The OG Feel models have a knit, breathable upper that keeps the feet cool on the hottest days.

The “camo” in the True OG Feel Camo is a neat looking pattern in the leather saddle.

A cool thing about True is that rather than arriving in a box, their shoes are sold in reusable containers. One pair I have arrived in a string backpack. Another came in a useful canvas bag. This particular pair was in a reusable zippered shoe bag.

I’ll have a full review of the True OG Feel Camo Shoes in a couple of weeks.

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