January Golf In Michigan

January Golf In Michigan
January Golf In Michigan

January Golf In Michigan

The Golf Gods smiled on me today, sending fifty degree weather and snowless ground. It was my first round since December 6, 2017. I was beginning to think that I was not going to get in a round in January, endingĀ  “The Streak” of thirty-five straight months with at least one golf outing in Michigan.

Now I have to worry about February. Long range forecasts do not look promising.

I played my January 2018 round at Fellows Creek, a muni owned by the city of Canton, Michigan. The course has three nines: the mostly wooded West Course, the parklands style South and the more open East. West was the only one of the nines open, and was walking only.


Anticipating very soggy and muddy conditions, I eschewed my usual push cart in favor of a stand bag. I thought it would be easier to get around. It was not a good decision. As it turns out, the fairways were pretty dry. And I was reminded after a few holes why I gave up carrying my bag years ago. My shoulders and upper back don’t like the constant weight. I had thought that the last two years of weight lifting would sole that problem. I was wrong. The weight of the golf bag just tugged in all the wrong spots.

Another oversight: I forgot to pack my ice pick. Ice pick, you ask? Yes. It’s really useful on winter rounds for creating a hole in which to stick a tee.

I finished the round at 5:30 — just in time for sunset.

February now is the key month for me. If I can get a round in next month, I will easily be able to extend my streak to forty four or forty five months.

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