Jeong Jang’s Double Hit At US Women’s Open


If you haven’t seen it, Jeon Jang hit a shot late in the third round of the US Women’s Open that’s sure to be talked about. Buried in deep rough, Jang hacked out a shot that appeared on television to result in a double hit. The ball flew up and then shot immediately right as it—and her club reached waist height.

It sure looked like a double hit … and if so, would have been a one shot penalty. But even after reviewing it on video prior to signing the card, Jang said that she didn’t think that she hit it twice. So she signed the card without adding the penalty.

Later, after further review, USGA officials decided to add the penalty shot.

Jang was not disqualified, though, on the basis of rules 34-3-1 and 34-3-7, which allow a score to be retroactively modified if the committee changes its mind about a ruling.

1 thought on “Jeong Jang’s Double Hit At US Women’s Open”

  1. The thing that separates golf from the rest of professional sports is the integrity of the players.  Unfortunately, that integrity took a major hit when Jang tried to cheat the rest of the competition with her double hit.  Who in their right mind believes that Jang did not know she hit the ball twice??  Her caddie even saw it but backed off when Jang herself denied it.

    She should be thrown off the tour.  Maybe she watches too much soccer where trying to cheat is the goal.


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