Losing Weight For The Season On My Protein Diet

Every spring, I begin a concerted effort to shed the weight that the holiday eating and winter’s inactivity have strapped upon my middle. My reliable fix for this is a steady low-carb diet: lots of protein and vegetables and just enough whole grains to keep the ‘ol digestive system from heading into full revolt.

Dinners on this diet are pretty easy: a slab of meat and a pile of veggies. The other meals—breakfast in particular—are more problematic. For both of those, I usually have either a protein shake or protein bars.I find, though, that I have to look very carefully at the nutrition labels. High protein doesn’t necessarily mean low carb, and a protein bar with twenty or thirty carbs defeats the purpose.

As for acquiring these goodies, I find I have to go online to places like NutritionFix.Com. Local big box stores don’t carry a very good selection, and the local “health food” stores are ridiculously priced. NutritionFix has a large number of the high protein low carb products I like, such as the aforementioned protein shakes and bars, and also including low carb candy and ice cream! (These things must be taken in careful moderation, however, because most depend on sugar alcohols which can really mess up your digestive system).

I’m down ten pounds since the beginning of February. Another five or so and I’ll be right where I want.

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