Lucy Takes Up Golf

Lucy Takes Up Golf pictured Lucy addressing ball

A 1964 episode of The Lucy Show featured Jimmy Demaret.

The Lucy Show (1962 – 1968) was the successor to I Love Lucy. In it, Lucille Ball (now divorced from Desi Arnaz and married to Gary Morton) played a widow living in Danfield, New York with her kids and a divorced friend (Vivian Vance).

“Lucy Takes Up Golf” was aired Jan. 2, 1964 as Season 2, Episode 17.

The plot of the episode had Lucy lying about her golf ability in order to get a date with Gary. As is typical in a Lucy show, her hijinks lead to disastrous consequences as she ends up playing in a tournament with Jimmy Demaret (playing himself)

Lucy Takes Up Golf Pictured: Lucy with Jimmy Demaret

Lucy and Jimmy Demaret

Lucille Ball has a couple of Michigan connections. In 1915, she lived in Wyandotte, Michigan, where her father worked for Bell Telephone. Sadly, Henry Ball died that year at age 27 of typhoid.

It is also said that Ball and Desi Arnaz honeymooned at Black Lake, in northern Michigan. The lodge where they stayed still stands and is part of the UAW’s Black Lake Conference Center. Part of that property is the outstanding Black Lake Golf Course.

Jimmy Demaret was a three-time winner of the Masters, with 31 PGA TOUR wins to his name. He was also known for his singing, and would perform at nightclubs to supplement his income at Tour stops. He was also known for his flamboyant outfits.

You can watch the full Lucy Takes Up Golf episode below:

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