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USA Today’s Michael Hiestand rakes Maxfli over the coals for a television ad that features John Daly “whizzing around a golf cart and grabbing a beer out of a guy’s mouth” and appearing in a rowdy bar.

It’s probably not the best idea to feature one of golf’s best known alcoholics in an ad with booze. Don’t get me wrong. I like John Daly. While I’m sure there are others on Tour with alcohol and gambling problems, Daly at least has been up front about his. But they could have come up with another approach than making light of his party animal reputation. I think that the Winn grips ad where he and Butch Harmon are sucking in their guts upon meeting Natalie Gulbis is pretty funny—and (obviously) memorable.

CBS has banned the Maxfli ad, but you can see it on the Maxfli website.

And maybe that’s the point. There’s some suspicion that the ad was deliberately made edgy so it would be banned, and then people would visit the site to see it. If that’s the case, it worked. I watched the ad on the site.

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