McIlroy To Appear On Cover Of Tiger 2011

A few weeks ago, I suggested Electronic Arts might back out of their deal with Tiger by moving to a general PGA Tour game, featuring the likenesses of several “young guns.”:

From February 27:

By my count (I’m probably forgetting something), that leaves Tiger with just two high profile deals: Nike and Electronic Arts, makers of the Tiger Woods video game. Nike is in too deep to get out. I predict that EA will drop him in the next year in favor of a general PGA Tour game, with several top young guns as the hook. Picture a box with Kim, Villegas, and several other under 30 “hip” players smiling out at you. They could sign the whole lot for less than they pay Woods.

My predictions, it seems, have come true. Golf Week is reporting that Rory McIlroy will join Tiger on the cover of Tiger Woods 2011. The reason is ostensibly that this is a Ryder Cup year, and Rory is a European.


I stand by my prediction. EA will move away from Tiger.

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1 thought on “McIlroy To Appear On Cover Of Tiger 2011”

  1. This year might be a Ryder Cup year, but it’s called Tiger Woods 2011. Next year is Presidents Cup. Looks to me like they have the wrong Rory and Sabbatini might get his invite, albeit an electronic one.  LOL.


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