Northern Trust Open – Los Angeles Open Past Winners And History

The Northern Trust Open now is the Genesis Invitational. Read more at the link.

Northern Trust now sponsors the first leg of the PGA TOUR’s FedEx Cup Playoffs, which previously was known as the Barclays.

Northern Trust OpenKnown for the vast majority of its life as The Los Angeles Open, the Northern Trust Open also has flown under the banner of the Nissan Open and—in the days of the celebrity hosted event—the Glen Campbell-Los Angeles Open. Since 1973, it has been played at the fabled Riviera Country Club, with the exception of 1983, when the club hosted the PGA Championship and 1998, when it hosted the US Senior Open.

The tournament and the Club have gained a place in golf history. In the 1938 tournament, Babe Zaharias became the first woman to play in a men’s professional tournament. Ben Hogan won there in 1942, 1947 and 1948—which, along with his 1948 US Open victory at Riviera, gave the place the sobriquet “Hogan’s Alley.” Three victories in two years at Riviera is an amazing accomplishment. Finally, the 1992 Nissan Los Angeles Open gave amateur Tiger Woods his first spot in a professional tournament.

The inaugural Los Angeles Open was played in 1926 at the Los Angeles Country Club. The next year, it moved to El Caballero Country Club in Tarzana. It moved again in 1928 to the Wilshire Country Club in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Open made its first appearance at the Riviera Country Club in 1929 and 1930. In the 1930s the event was held at the Wilshire Country Club, the Hillcrest Country Club, The Los Angeles Country Club an Griffith Park.

Following a break for World War II, the Los Angeles Open was played at the Wilshire Country Club in 1944, and then for the next nine years at Riviera. In the 1950s, it was played at Fox Hills Country Club, Inglewood Country Club and Inglewood. Rancho Park hosted the event from 1956 to 1972.

The 18th At Riviera
The 18th At Riviera

Riviera Country Club, the current host of the Northern Trust – Los Angeles Open is one of the country’s fabled courses. The course opened in 1926 as the Los Angeles Athletic Golf Course with George Thomas listed as its principal designer. Credit, however, also is given to Alister Mackenzie and Billie Bell. After several redesigns, Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore made an attempt in 1992 to return Riviera’s bunkers to the original Thomas-MacKenzie design.

Thomas’ work at Riviera is oft cited for its risk-reward design. The first, for example, is a short par 5 that has a tee elevated some 75 feet above the fairway. It’s possible to make an Eagle on this hole, but thanks to out of bounds left and a ditch crossing the fairway, a wayward drive can drive to score to a double bogey. The par 4 eighth has two fairways separated by a ditch. Ten, a par 4 , is drivable, but greenside bunkers make it a risky proposition. The eleventh and twelfth are defended by ditches, bunkers and trees. I also think it has one of the great finishing holes—a par 4 with a mostly blind tee shot and a green situated in a natural amphitheater.

Old Northern Trust Logo
Old Northern Trust Logo

The course also has a bit of humor. The par 3 sixth has a bunker in the middle of the green. I wonder what Hogan thought of that. For my part, Riviera is on my list of courses I’d most like to play.

While Hogan had four victories at Riviera, he had only three Los Angeles Open Titles. The records for most victories at the Los Angles Open are held by Macdonald Smith (1928, 1929, 1932, 1934) and Lloyd Mangrum (1949, 1951, 1953, 1956). A complete list of Northern Trust Open winners follows:

Northern Trust Open – Los Angeles Open Winners
YearPlayerCountryScoreTo par1st Prize ($)Purse ($)
Northern Trust Open
2016Bubba WatsonUnited States269-171,206,0006,700,000
2015James HahnUnited States278-6 PO1,206,0006,700,000
2014Bubba WatsonUnited States269-171,206,0006,700,000
2013John MerrickUnited States273-111,188,0006,600,000
2012Bill HaasUnited States277-71,188,0006,600,000
2011Aaron BaddeleyAustralia272-121,170,0006,500,000
2010Steve StrickerUnited States268-161,152,0006,400,000
2009Phil MickelsonUnited States269-151,134,0006,300,000
2008Phil MickelsonUnited States272-121,116,0006,200,000
Nissan Open
2007Charles Howell IIIUnited States268-16936,0005,200,000
2006Rory SabbatiniSouth Africa271-13918,0005,100,000
2005Adam ScottAustralia133
(36 holes)
2004Mike WeirCanada267-17864,0004,800,000
2003Mike WeirCanada275-9810,0004,500,000
2002Len MattiaceUnited States269-15666,0003,700,000
2001Robert AllenbyAustralia276-8612,0003,400,000
2000Kirk TriplettUnited States272-12558,0003,100,000
1999Ernie ElsSouth Africa270-14504,0002,800,000
1998Billy MayfairUnited States272-12378,0002,100,000
1997Nick FaldoEngland272-12252,0001,400,000
1996Craig StadlerUnited States278-6216,0001,200,000
1995Corey PavinUnited States268-16216,0001,200,000
Nissan Los Angeles Open
1994Corey PavinUnited States271-13180,0001,000,000
1993Tom KiteUnited States206
(54 holes)
1992Fred CouplesUnited States269-15180,0001,000,000
1991Ted SchulzUnited States272-12180,0001,000,000
1990Fred CouplesUnited States266-18180,0001,000,000
1989Mark CalcavecchiaUnited States272-12180,0001,000,000
Los Angeles Open presented by Nissan
1988Chip BeckUnited States267-17135,000750,000
1987T. C. ChenTaiwan275-9108,000600,000
Los Angeles Open
1986Doug TewellUnited States270-1481,000450,000
1985Lanny WadkinsUnited States264-2072,000400,000
1984David EdwardsUnited States279-572,000400,000
Glen Campbell-Los Angeles Open
1983Gil MorganUnited States270-1454,000300,000
1982Tom WatsonUnited States271-1354,000300,000
1981Johnny MillerUnited States270-1454,000300,000
1980Tom WatsonUnited States276-845,000250,000
1979Lanny WadkinsUnited States276-845,000250,000
1978Gil MorganUnited States278-640,000225,000
1977Tom PurtzerUnited States273-1140,000225,000
1976Hale IrwinUnited States272-1237,000185,000
1975Pat FitzsimonsUnited States275-930,000150,000
1974Dave StocktonUnited States276-830,000150,000
1973Rod FunsethUnited States276-827,000135,000
1972George ArcherUnited States270-1425,000125,000
1971Bob LunnUnited States274-1022,000110,000
Los Angeles Open
1970Billy CasperUnited States276-820,000100,000
1969Charlie SiffordUnited States276-820,000100,000
1968Billy CasperUnited States274-1020,000100,000
1967Arnold PalmerUnited States269-1520,000100,000
1966Arnold PalmerUnited States273-1111,00075,000
1965Paul HarneyUnited States276-812,00075,000
1964Paul HarneyUnited States280-47,50050,000
1963Arnold PalmerUnited States274-109,00050,000
1962Phil RodgersUnited States268-167,50050,000
1961Bob GoalbyUnited States275-97,50050,000
1960Dow FinsterwaldUnited States280-45,50044,500
1959Ken VenturiUnited States278-65,30035,000
1958Frank StranahanUnited States275-97,00035,000
1957Doug FordUnited States280-47,00037,500
1956Lloyd MangrumUnited States272-126,00032,500
1955Gene LittlerUnited States276-85,00025,000
1954Fred WamplerUnited States281-34,00020,000
1953Lloyd MangrumUnited States280-42,75020,000
1952Tommy BoltUnited States289+54,00017,500
1951Lloyd MangrumUnited States280-42,60015,000
1950Sam SneadUnited States280-42,60015,000
1949Lloyd MangrumUnited States284E2,60015,000
1948Ben HoganUnited States275-92,00010,000
1947Ben HoganUnited States280-42,00010,000
1946Byron NelsonUnited States284E2,66713,333
1945Sam SneadUnited States283-12,66613,333
1944Harold “Jug” McSpadenUnited States278-64,30012,500
1943No tournament due to World War II
1942Ben HoganUnited States282-63,50010,000
1941Johnny BullaUnited States281-33,50010,000
1940Lawson LittleUnited States282+21,5005,000
1939Jimmy DemaretUnited States274-101,6505,000
1938Jimmy ThomsonScotland273-112,1005,000
1937Harry CooperUnited States274-102,5008,000
1936Jimmy HinesUnited States280E1,5005,000
1935Vic GhezziUnited States285+51,0755,000
1934Macdonald SmithScotland280E1,4505,000
1933Craig WoodUnited States282-21,5255,000
1932Macdonald SmithScotland281-32,0007,500
1931Ed DudleyUnited States285+13,50010,000
1930Denny ShuteUnited States296+123,50010,000
1929Macdonald SmithScotland285+13,50010,000
1928Macdonald SmithScotland284E3,50010,000
1927Bobby CruickshankScotland282-63,50010,000
1926Harry CooperUnited States279-73,50010,000
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10 thoughts on “Northern Trust Open – Los Angeles Open Past Winners And History”

  1. A really strong field assembled here for the Northern Trust Open.

    It’s a shame Tiger/Rory & Brandt aren’t there because it would make it close to a major like field.

    Phil backing up for 3 events in a row, he must be feeling really fresh and good about his game.

  2. how can I find out the final standings of each player at the 1979 glenn Campbell open at Reviera.  Lanny Wadkins was the winner, but Iam trying to find out the overall standings that year.

  3. Where may I find the complete results of the 1944 LA Open , won by McSpaden?
    My husband played all four rounds but doesn’t remember
    his score.
    Have looked all over and can’t find anything more than the winner
    Thank You


  4. Do you know anything about a fella named Sky Chissolm ( not sure of this spelling ). He’s pictured in a photo used on the Ojai Valley Golf Course scorecard, standing with Ben Hogan, Jimmy Demerret, Al Fasio,Al Demerret and Jack Benny Taken shortly after WW2 when the course reopened after the war.

  5. Do you know anything about a fellow named Sky Chissolm ( not sure of this spelling )? He’s pictured in a photo used on the Ojai Valley Golf Club scorecard. He’s standing with Ben Hogan, Jimmy Demerret, Al Demerret,Al Fasio, and Jack Benny. The photo looks to be taken just after WW2, when the course re-opened.


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