Perry Will Skip US Open

imageMemorial winner Kenny Perry will skip the qualifiers for the US Open, opting instead to play in Memphis next week. CBS Sportsline’s Steve Elling writes:

Kenny Perry has made up his mind.

Rather than beat his head against the wall and compete in a lengthy U.S. Open sectional qualifier on Monday, rather than possibly playing on a major venue that he doesn’t like, the 36-hole co-leader at the Memorial Tournament is stubbornly staying home when the national championship is staged next month.

Instead of potentially playing in the U.S. Open in two weeks at Torrey Pines, a course where he has had zero success, he’s staying home in Kentucky—the state that this fall will host the Ryder Cup, an event he’s desperately trying to make.

Talk about multiple levels of twisted irony. In his mind, the best way to wear red, white and blue is to skip the country’s national championship.

All year, Perry has admittedly been in an outright sprint to earn points to qualify for the Ryder team, and next week will play in Memphis, which will mark his seventh straight PGA Tour event. The U.S. Open, mind you, presents a double-points opportunity for Ryder hopefuls, but the way Perry sees it, if playing in the qualifier messes up his chances in Memphis, why do it?

Perry has made three trips to the Buick Invitational, which is staged at Torrey Pines, over two decades, and has never played on the weekend.

I don’t blame him. If his goal is to play in the Ryder Cup in his home state, this is the only move that make sense. He’s got the Memorial win now, and another would make him a leading candidate for a Captain’s pick at the least. Memphis likely will be devoid of A level talent, giving a top player like Perry a real shot at victory.  And why not. Over the past seven weeks, he’s been one of the best players on Tour, with a first, a second and a 15. His average finish was 23.

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  1. Stanford Financial is doing pretty good at bringing in a good field again this year.  Last year, people couldn’t believe that we had Phil in town—and he isn’t here this year.  We won’t ever have Tiger.  We don’t have Fyurk, but most of the other top golfers are coming.  Kenny Perry is one of those I will be following around.  Hopefully JD will do well enough to be playing on Saturday when my daughter and I are going, but just in case, I am going to go for a few hours on Friday too.


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