Putt Out Mirror Training System Review

Putt Out Mirror Training System Review
Putt Out Mirror Training System Review. Putt Out Mirror Trainer, Alignment Gate and Pressure Putt Trainer

Putt Out Mirror Training System Review

Putt Out Mirror Training System
Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: The American Ninja Putting System

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Thing One, the oldest son, calls the Putt Out Mirror Training System my “American Ninja Warrior” putting course. The show, which I have never seen, apparently has a wall that looks similar to the Putt Out Pressure Trainer, and walls and gates that look like the Mirror Trainer Gates.

I won’t disagree, because you have to be a bit of a putting ninja to stroke the ball through the gates and up the slope to rest in the hole.

The Putt Out Mirror Training System consists of a putting rug, a Putt Out Mirror Trainer With Gates, and a Putt Out Pressure Putt trainer.

I have previously reviewed the Putt Out Pressure Trainer and found it to be a marvelous piece of engineering. It consists of a rubber base the size of a golf hole and a curved acrylic arm. If you hit the ball on line and perfectly paced, it will roll up the slope and get caught in a small hole on the curve. A putt that is off line, or imperfectly paced will return back down the slope. Interestingly, the slope is designed to return the ball as far as it would have slipped past the hole.

Putt Out Mirror Training System Review
Putt Out Gate

The mirror trainer is steel backed, and set in a rubber case. To use it, you set the width of the magnetic putter guides to be just wider than the putter. The mirror lets you check alignment and position while standing at address. The two magnetically attached guides on either side of the mirror help you lean to keep the putter face on line through impact.

Further down the carpet, you can place a Putt OUT gate to ensure that your ball remains rolling end-over-end and on-line several feet from the point of impact.

With some practice, I have found that I am consistently able to stroke the ball from the mirror base through the gates and up the slope of the Pressure Trainer.

It is yet quite early for golf here in Michigan — I have played several times, but conditions are not conducive to learning much about the state of my game. However, I believe that practice with the Putt OUT system, as well as a new BGT Stability Putter Shaft, have breathed new life into my old Scotty Cameron Newport.

At the very least, the Putt Out Mirror Training System has been a productive way to keep the putting gears oiled during Michigan’s long winter layoff.


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