Thanks To GolfBlogger’s March 2022 Patron: Skillest

Skillest logo Thanks To GolfBlogger's March 2022 Patron: Skillest

Thanks To GolfBlogger’s March 2022 Patron: Skillest

Everyone golfer wants to get better. And every golfer knows that the best way to do that is to take lessons.

Golf lessons, however, are hard to schedule around family and work. Traditional golf lessons are expensive. Further, as a professional educator, I can tell you that if lessons of any sort are not consistently reinforced, learning loss rapidly sets in. Perhaps worse, without supervision and reinforcement, students often will find themselves practicing and learning incorrect information.

Skillest helps solve all these problems by offering virtual golf lessons and coaching.

Here’s how it works: first, golfers use the app to connect with top instructors from around the world. No longer are students limited to the teaching pros in their local market.

Later — when they have the time — the Skillest student can upload videos of their swing for analysis by their chosen instructor. On the other end of the app, the teaching pro reviews the video and provides detailed, specific feedback, drills and demonstrations.

With the instructions on their phone, golfers can then practice at their leisure. Even better: the lessons can be reviewed as many times as necessary. Need a refresher on something you worked on months ago? Just pick up your phone.

Skillest breaks free of the date-and-time tyranny of conventional golf lessons.

Adding to the value is a free golf swing analyzer lets students record and analyze their swings between lessons. Questions? Chat with your instructor. Need more immediate instruction? Live Zoom is available.

Best of all, you can often get a month’s worth of lessons on Skillest for the price of a single in-person lesson

Give Skillest a try.

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