The Golfers Journal: A Literary Magazine For Golfers

The Golfers Journal: A Literary Magazine For Golfers

I just received my copy of the Fall 2022 issue of The Golfer’s Journal. I have been a subscriber for a couple of years, and have thoroughly enjoyed every issue.

The Golfer’s Journal is quite different from every other golf magazine I have seen on the market. You won’t find (or at least I have not yet seen) blurbs on the latest equipment, fashions, or travel destinations. There are no tips and lessons from the pros. Interviews with the latest up and coming PGA Tour pro do not seem to be on the editorial calendar.

Instead, the Golfer’s Journal strives to (as stated in the first issue) represent “an alternate view of the game and the culture surrounding it.” The Journal is more old school literary magazine than modern periodical.

From Issue 21 of The Golfers Journal.

Issue 21 of this large, glossy quarterly has pieces on a Houston rapper who calls himself the “Tiger Woods of the Hood”; a sprawling photo essay on bunkers; a look at golf prodigy Ben Garner, who competed against Tiger in his youth but whose dreams went awry; a conversation between Gil Hanse and rising architectural star Christine Fraser; and an article about a man who was so determined to caddie at Cypress that he camped out between the course’s fifteenth and sixteenth holes. There’s more as well.

This is not the stuff of your usual golf monthly. Golfer’s Journal is for people who are serious about the game as a whole; not just about playing.

A subscription to the Golfers Journal also gets you access to the “Broken Tee Society,” a community of like-minded golfers. The Journal also sponsors member events, such as outings at places like Mid Pines, Trinity Forest, Gamble Sands and Prairie Dunes.

If you enjoy good writing as much as you enjoy golf, I highly recommend The Golfers Journal

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