The Golfers Night BeFORE! Christmas Book

The Golfer’s Night BeFORE! Christmas

From the publisher’s description:

This 30 page full-color hardcover finally reveals the truth about Santa’s love for the game of golf—and a problem with his swing! Dressed in red knickers, green thermal golf shirt, and spanking new golf shoes, Santa pauses on his rounds to hit a few practice shots off of a fellow golf enthusiast’s roof. But there’s a problem! Santa just can’t stop hitting a slice! His new golfing buddy comes to his rescue by offering a few tips and giving Santa a golf lesson right there on the roof on Christmas Eve. He tells Santa,

“You see,” I said, “Santa, it’s all in the wrists.

You’re cocking too soon, and that gives you fits.

And keep your head steady, you don’t want to sway,

That belly of yours sometimes gets in the way!”

Soon, Santa gets in the groove…

His backswing was slower, his wrists cocked a little,

And this this time he nailed that ball straight down the middle!

Filled with golf terminology, traditions, humor, and class, this book will make every golfer smile and rejoice in golfing satisfaction. It’s clever, heartwarming, and laugh-out-loud funny, with tips that might help young and old alike improve their swing. You’ll not only learn the secrets of Santa’s golf swing, but also be pleasantly surprised to learn where Santa’s golf balls end up after he hits them (hint: the secret’s in the stars); along with Santa’s real nick names for all the reindeer—golf style.

“On Eagle, on Longball, on Chip Shot and Bogey.

On Divot, on Sand Trap, on Backspin and Birdie.

And as he flew off, and tipped me his hat,

I thought I could hear the gallery clap!

“And I heard him call out as he swung back around,

Merry Christmas FORE! all, and FORE! all, a good round!”

The Par-fect gift and stocking-stuffer for any golfer on your Christmas list! Be a good caddy! Get this for the golfer you love! All for little more than the price of a greeting card.

Note: We added a section called Santa’s Golf Glossary that describes the many golf terms used throughout the book such as ‘stymie’, ‘closed stance’, ‘overlap grip’, ‘slice’ (and why it happens), and heaven forbid, ‘shank’, and many more.

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