The Bottom Ten

While everyone seems to focus on the top ten money earners, I think the bottom ten are much more interesting. Players in the top 125 of earnings keep their playing privileges next year. Those at 126 or higher get conditional status, or no status at all.

So here are ten players on either side cut line; five who just made it, and five who just missed. They’re not REALLY the bottom ten, or course. Those honors to go guys who were not taking the tour seriously this year—such as Guy Boros, Loren Roberts and Fuzzy Zoeller.

The five on either side of the cutline, however, are either breathing huge sighs of relief, or pulling their hair out for not having made just one more cut. So here they are:

Final Rank: Name, Events Played, Money Earned
120: Alex Cejka, 25, $868,303
121: Ryan Armour, 32, $862,979
122: Kevin Na, 27, $856,669
123: Jeff Maggert, 26, $845,585
124: Kevin Stadler , 31, $810,876
125: Mathias Gronberg, 31, $785,180
126: Ben Curtis, 25, $772,321
127: Ted Purdy, 33, $758,734
128: Craig Kanada, 34, $743,305
129: Joe Durant, 28, $723,599
130: Brett Quigley, 25, $717,411

At the beginning of the season, the Tour had calculated that the winning number was going to be around $700,000. But they obviously were way off. I’m sure that guys like Curtis, Durant and Quigley thought they were safe.

According to the Tour site, nine players who started the “Fall Series” otuside the Top 125 managed to play their way into it in the tournaments following the Tour Championship. These included Kevin Stadler, George MacNeill, Daniel Chopra, Jesper Parnevik, Michael Allen, Mark Hensby and Mathias Gronberg

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