The Golf Ball Machine

imageA company in Eindhoven, Netherlands, is offering a machine which dispenses golf balls. Their idea is that a course would place it at the turn to supply players who find themselves running short.

I’ve never run out of balls. As an Eagle Scout, I have the motto of “Be Prepared” permanently burned into my brain. I always start out with FAR more balls and tees than I could possibly lose.

Still, I have had playing partners run out. But they just borrow a few (and then usually promptly lose) from me.

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4 thoughts on “The Golf Ball Machine”

  1. In the search for the perfect golf ball, you can never be too choosy. You want a ball that will be able to travel yard upon yard with ease and you also want to look for a ball that you can easily spot on the course. While lower quality balls may be enough for amateurs or people who rarely play golf – you know that deep down inside you need the best, and the best is what you should get.

  2. I find my success at finding a new ProV1 is much greater than that of finding a scuffed Nike SuperFar.  I think this has less to do with what the ball is made of than the thought in my head that one cost 4x what the other one did. 

    Like Blogger, I generally carry well more than I would use in a round or even a half-dozen rounds, usually at least 3 new sleeves with me, as well as 6 loose unscuffed new or near new balls (Those are the ones I am playing).  Then there are the cheapies, shag, scuffed and found balls which add up to probably a dozen – those might get loaned, but only if it is not a HX-Hot or one of the ball brands I am playing.  The new balls and the half dozen for play are always pre-marked with a red putting line for identification. 

    I am heading to some RTJ in Alabama next week and was advised to have a LOT of balls.  Well I took that to heart and for six planned rounds, I have five dozen balls (cheap but decent Nike SuperFly $11/dozen).  I am hoping that I will use less than two dozen, but even if I don’t lose them I will probably rotate more often than usual.


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