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imageThe Golfing Caddy

Grade: B
Teachers’ Comments: Useful if you don’t have enough pockets on your bag.

I’m a packrat. And that particular mental illness extends even to my golf bag. I like to stuff the pockets with every sort of imaginable objects—stuff that I just might need, from bandages to duct tape to extra cleats and so on. It’s gotten much worse since I started using my Sun Mountain golf cart and no longer have to schlep the stuff on my back.

I guess the “Be Prepared” motto from my Boy Scout years struck a little hard.

Of course, with all of that stuff, I need a lot of pockets. In fact, I have yet to meet the golf bag that has enough pockets to suit me. So the Golfing Caddy is a useful addition to my storage capacity.

The Golfing Caddy clips on the outside of your golf bag and provides convenient, extra storage. The core of the Caddy is a holder for a bottle of water or pop. It comes with a neoprene cover that you slip over the bottle before inserting it into the top of the Caddy. On the outside of the Caddy is a pocket for your wallet or phone, and a clip for keys. It also has an attached microfiber mini-towel.

The caddy is constructed from a durable-looking black nylon fabric. The weight bearing clips are attached to externally sewn nylon strapping, which should prevent it from pulling away from the Caddy itself. There’s a little silkscreened golf ball logo on the bag.

The Golfing Caddy is an extension of the company’s two other, very similar, water bottle holding products, the Crusing Caddy and the Fitness Caddy. The Cruising Caddy is designed for walkers; the Fitness for trips to the gym.

My only suggestion here would be for the company to reposition the uses of the pockets. I don’t need my wallet, keys and cell phone during a round, so I’m perfectly content to have them in a deep pocket somewhere (with the cell phone OFF). I’m going to use those two pockets for Clif bars and apples—my usual in-round snacks. I probably also will stuff a chapstick in there.

I’ll also comment that I can’t see this working for people who lug their bags on their backs. I think that having it swing around would be annoying.

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1 thought on “The Golfing Caddy Review”

  1. I agree about the whole wallet and keys thing. I’m always looking for a place in my golf bag to hold the things I don’t want to get scratched up. This sounds like a great product which could come in handy and free up some room.


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