The Hazards of Cell Phones

I was in a drive through lane at the bank today when I noticed that a woman in the SUV next to me was having a hard time with the pneumatic tube mechanism. Yakking away on the cell phone in her left hand , she was reaching across her body with the right through the window trying to reach the machine. But her arms just weren’t long enough.

So she opened the door, leaned out and tried once again. With left hand and phone glued to ear, she rotated until she almost had a hand on the tube. Then, completely unbalanced, she fell out of her vehicle into an icy puddle. Amazingly, she didn’t drop the phone. After shaking herself off, she climbed back in—still with the phone to her ear—and tried again, this time making the grab. (Why she didn’t get the plastic torpedo while she was out of the vehicle anyway is baffling).

I couldn’t resist. I rolled down the window on the right side and shouted. “You know, it would be easier if you stopped talking for a while.”

The lady (and I use the term loosely) looked at me and then cut loose with a string of expletives that would make a teenager blush. I can only imagine what the person on the other end of the line was thinking.

Then she drove off, making a left hand turn across five lanes of busy traffic.

Still talking on the cell phone.

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  1. A couple years back, a couple coworkers and I invited a fourth along who had previously worked with us, so we didn’t see him so often since his new job—and he had only infrequently played with us prior to him moving as well.  Anyhow, this is a wonderful guy, but shortly into our round, he was taking quite a few phone calls.  We had remarked how horrible it would be to be in his new job where he can’t really take an afternoon off.  Later we discovered that he was off the clock with work, that he was having to answer questions to his wife about some remodeling and appliance purchasing at home.  Regardless, he might be a great guy and all, but he hurt his chances of being invited to play with us more often by his frequent phone chatter.


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