The Politics and Golf Meme Continues

For some weeks now, the Romney camp has been lambasting Obama for the number of holes of golf he’s played during his term—which at last count was 1,656. Frankly, I think we should encourage it. We’d all be a lot better off if the Congress and the President spent MORE time golfing and less time messing with our lives.

But now the Obama Media are striking back. Here’s an article noting that Governor Romney actually lived in his private home on a golf course instead of the Governor’s mansion and played an estimated 13,000 holes of golf during his tenure.

Only it’s not Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney the article is referring to, but his father, Michigan Governor George Romney, who served from 1969 – 1973. I think the Obama Media is getting desperate. You can’t crucify a son for the “sins” of the father. If the tables were turned on this one, Obama would look very bad indeed.

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