Toms Is A Walking Ad For Utility Clubs

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I’ve just watched David Toms make his second outstanding shot with a utility wood at the World Golf Championship. The guy is a walking advertisement for utility woods. I don’t know what he’s using, but since he plays for Cleveland, it may very well be a Cleveland 5 or 7 wood. On one shot, he hit it 192 to within a couple of feet from the pin.

2 thoughts on “Toms Is A Walking Ad For Utility Clubs”

  1. Actually he’s not, he’s been using the same 19 degree 5 wood he won the 01 PGA Championship with. It’s quite old.  Most players on the PGA Tour (Tiger, Ernie, Couples) have VERY old fairway woods (1980’s models), and the new ones being produced these days look much more like older models.

  2. Actually, Joe, it turns out to be a Cleveland Quadpro 19 degree—but not the fabled five wood from a few years ago. The Golf Channel lists that one as being a Quadpro with a bimatrix shaft.


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