TRUE Lux Polo Review

GolfBlogger in a TRUE Lux polo

TRUE Lux Polo Review

True Lux Polo
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Just right. Understated and functional. I want a closet full of these.

In the fairy tale “Goldilocks and The Three Bears,” a girl stumbles on the home of three anthropomorphic bears and tests out their porridge, chairs and beds. In each case finding one turns out to be insufficient, one excessive, and one “just right.” (did you know that Goldilocks originally was an old woman?)

The TRUE Lux Polo falls in the “just right” category in terms of fit, fabric and style.

I find the fit is somewhere between “athletic” and “loose.” Athletic fit shirts are just too tight across the shoulders for me — unless I get the next size up, in which case they end up with sleeves that are too long. Loose fit shirts get criticized by Mrs. GolfBlogger for making me look fat.

The TRUE Lux polo falls somewhere in between. There’s enough room in the shoulders for a turn, while not being baggy through the rest of the shirt.

So just right.

Part of the pleasing fit may come from the center of the back seam. I imagine that lets TRUE reduce the pull across the back.

The fabric also is in the just right category. It’s light without being insubstantial. On a warm day, it is cool. It also has a bit of stretch to it.

TRUE says the fabric has anti-bacterial and odor protection qualities, as well as being moisture wicking. I also like that it employs UPF 50+ sun protection. Skin cancer is no joke and I want to do anything I can to avoid it.

Soft to the touch, the shirt is made of Tendel (regenerated cellulose), recycled polyester and spandex. Before looking, I would have thought it was cotton with a bit of spandex. The feel is nice and reminiscent of classic cotton polos without the weight.

So again. Just right.

The style is understated. I am not a fan of shirts in trendy colors or festooned with patterns of martini glasses, golf carts and the like. Those garish styles will end up in a pile destined for Goodwill in a couple of seasons.

Anyone remember the US Ryder Cup team shirts from 1999? That’s peak trendy — and peak ugly.

I like basic colors in my clothing, in part because they will last. A plain blue or grey shirt will be just as acceptable twenty years from now as they are now.

There’s a reason the basic black tuxedo has lasted and the power blue ones have not.

TRUE Lux shirts come in great basic colors: grey, black, navy, olive and stone. All of those colorways will last as long as the shirts (which should be a long time). The shirts also have a contrasting stripe on the back that runs from the collar down for a couple of inches. An understated “TRUE” is on one shoulder.

Just right.

Finally, I am impressed with the attention to detail. There is a gel stripe on the inner hem to help a tucked shirt stay in place. The tail is slightly longer than the bottom front, but not so much that wearing the TRUE Lux is like having a butt apron. The collar is double stitched to help keep it in place. The bottom of the placket has some extra stitching that I think helps keep the rest in order.

Finally, thankfully, no shirt pocket. No golfer needs a shirt pocket. All they do is sag and pull at the front of the shirt.

TRUE makes some of the best golf shoes I have ever worn (True Knit III review, True Knit II review, TRUE OG Feel review, TRUE Original review) and now has one of the best golf shirts in my closet.


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