Washington Out, Mexico In

Among the interesting changes to the 2007 PGA schedule being announced were that Washington, D.C. has been moved to second tier status, and that an event called the Mayakoba Classic will be played in Mexico.

I don’t know if insulting Washington, D.C. is a good idea. You never know when you’re going to need a congressman or ten in your pocket. And a prime time PGA event in the Nation’s Capital was surely a prime time to wine and dine them. I remember working at a tournament at Avenel one year—you couldn’t swing a dead skunk without hitting a member of Congress or the Administration.

And I also noted with sadness the likely demise of the BC Open, which lost its spot opposite the British Open to the US Bank Championship. I always liked that event becuase of its quirky nature—it had character. I always thought that if I was a professional golfer, I would skip the Open Championship and play the BC. With all of the world’s best across the pond, it would be a whole lot easier to win at the BC.

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