What’s Your Swing Type?

I was at a church dinner tonight, when the conversation at the table turned to golf. One of the guys there—whom I had not met—turned to me and said “You play golf don’t you?”

Either my reputation as a fanatic had preceeded me, or there is something about me that gives me away as a golfer (the clothing, or perhaps the distinctive sun tan).

I admitted that I was, and then he asked a curious question: “Are you a one-planer, or a two-planer?”

I had a flashback to the seventies, when lots of conversations began by asking people what their sign was.

I felt like answering “I’m a Scorpio,” but told him that I was a reformed two-planer, who had been working all summer on getting to a one plane.

Apparently I passed the test, because we then had a nice long talk about the different area golf courses that we had played.

I’m still thinking about it, though, because it seems to be an indication as to just how far Jim Hardy’s The Plane Truth for Golfers (review here) has worked its way into the thinking of the golf world.  All of the golfers in my circle of friends have read the book, and most have worked hard to define their swing as one type or the other.

So, what’s your sign?

I mean, what’s your swing type.

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