Will Sergio Ever Have His Day?

Golf World’s John Hawkins says that “its becoming increasingly difficult to figure out how good Sergio Garcia is.”

Despite a wealth of apparent talent, Sergio is not geting any younger, and his youth no longer can be an excuse. There are younger players who seem poised to make a bigger splash. Hawkins points back to the classic confrontation with Tiger at Medinah:

Now 26 and 6½ years removed from his famous final-round chase of Woods at the 1999 PGA Championship, it’s easy to see how Sergio’s heroic charge that afternoon at Medinah did a lot more for Tiger than for El Nino.

He argues that Medinah made Tiger kick it up a notch. And as for Sergio … we’re still waiting.

I, for one, think that this is Sergio’s year. He played well last week, even if he did melt in the stretch run. What he needs is a victory to boost his confidence. It would be very good for golf to see him in the winner’s circle more often.

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