2005 Walker Cup Team Named

The 2005 Walker Cup Teams have been finalized. You can find a list, with profiles at the Official Site of the Walker Cup.

The Walker Cup is held every two years between a team from the United States and one from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Each team may have up to ten players and a captain. Matches are alternately held in the US, and in Great Britain/Ireland.

The Walker Cup was created by USGA President George Herbert Walker, following a series of rules related meetings with the Royal and Ancient GOlf Club. During these meetings, the idea of an international competition was discussed, and Walker took the initiative to present a plan and donate a tropy for a series of matches between amateur players from the United Kingdom and the United States.

George Herbert Walker, incidentally, was the grandfather of the 41st president of the United States, George Herbert Walker Bush, and of course, the great grandfather of current President George Walker Bush.

The first match was held in 1922 at the National Golf Links of America in Southampton, N.Y. The United States won the inaugural Match, 8-4.

Because George Herbert Walker donated the trophy, the press called it the Walker Cup, and the name stuck.

As currently construed, the Walker Cup matches consist of two days of four foursomes matches of 18 holes each, and eight siingles matches. A foursomes match is one in which two player teams compete, using an alternate shot format with one ball per team.


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