A Toast: Golf Poetry

A Toast: Golf Poetry

Oh, here's to the merry golfing maid,
The maid we all adore
With her buoyant tread and her coat of red,
And her cheerful cry of "fore!"

To the maid with the sun-kissed, ruddy face,
And a freckle here and there,
The jolly girl with the truant curl,
And a heart as light as air.

To the maiden who follows a snowy ball
Far over hills and dales;
Oh she is the queen of the putting green,
Where her masculine rival quails.

So drink to the girl on the ballroom floor,
Or the yachting girl at sea;
But I'll drink a toast to the girl I love most --
The golfing girl for me!

HHM, Lyrics of the Links (1921)

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