Adams Buys Yes! Golf

Adams Golf has purchased putter manufacturer Yes! golf at a bankruptcy auction for $1.5 million. That includes the patents on the excellent “C” grooves that marked the Yes! line. Adams has previously been unsuccessful in jump starting its putter line, so buying a line with an established reputation makes a lot of sense.

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  1. I just switched to Adams hybrids and irons in nearly a full change from Callaway.  I don’t see ditching my Callaway FT-iz driver, but the X-20s were starting to look a little old, and so I went with the Adams V3 Tech all hybrid set.  The 4,5,6 full hybrids are just absolute gold.  The mid-hybrids from 7-GW are taking a little more getting used to.  I even took out my Callaway X-Fairway 5W, and put in a Adams Super Hybrid 19-degree.  This was a pretty big jump for me, as I have had pretty much all Callaways for six years now.

    I was at Golfsmith a little while ago looking at the Adams Speedline 3W to replace my Callaway X-Hot.  They have dropped the price from $200 to $100, and I found a lightly used Demo club on their used rack- but Golfsmith still wanted $150 for the Demo club!  Given how well I am hitting the hybrids, I am thinking about not doing a 3W at all and getting the 15.5 degree Super Hybrid—I just gotta find it on sale and/or where I can get a playability guarantee first.

    But as for the Yes! putter, that is a good move by Adams – but I won’t be switching away from the USS Enterprise Golfsmith putter anytime soon.


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