Black Friday Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor Deal

Black Friday Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor Deal

The MLM is a portable launch monitor that delivers personal data to golfers at every level so that players can master their swing and shave strokes. Instant data and video playback on shot distance, ball speed, launch direction & more are delivered straight to the user’s iOS device.

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Originally priced at $499, the MLM will be $150 off from November 20 to December 4 on Amazon and Rapsodo’s website.

Additionally, Rapsodo will have a bundle deal involving the MLM and Rapsodo’s Premium Subscription, which gives golfers a whole range of additional features like slow motion playback, access to online golf lessons and the new Combines experience.

The package, normally 598.99 will be $200 off, exclusively on Rapsodo’s website from November 20 to December 4.

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