Casey Martin To Coach Oregon Golf Team

Here’s a feel good story: Casey Martin has been named head coach of the Oregon Ducks golf team. Martin has been serving as a volunteer assistant coach this season.

“The thought of building a nationally competitive golf program for the University of Oregon is simply thrilling to me,” Martin said. “Having been raised in Eugene, I possess an intense passion for all athletic programs at the University of Oregon.”

I’ve always believed that as one door is closed, another is opened. That Casey was unable to play on the PGA Tour because of his disability simply meant that he had not yet found what the Good Lord had intended for him to do.

Maybe this is it. Through his example and leadership, he has the opportunity to inspire a generation of young men—most of whom won’t be professional golfers, but who can themselves become leaders in whatever walk they choose.

His legacy as a teacher and coach may turn out to be far greater than it ever would have been as a player.

Good luck Casey.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post.  I am an admirer and feel like an ally of Casey’s and like so many people I would imagine i have two prominent thoughts occur to me when i think about him: what an amazing golfer; and what a dignified and great fight he fought against the powers that be.  I wish him tremendous success and hope that you will continue to update us as his career moves along.  If he has his own website i’d appreciate the address.  Thanks


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