Deme Acres Golf Course Review

The second at Deme Acres is a 372 yard par 4

Deme Acres Golf Course Review

Deme Acres
Petersburg, Michigan
Grade: C+
Teachers’ Comments: A friendly, fun local course

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Deme Acres is a parklands style course whose first nine opened in 1962. It was designed by owner George Bruce. The second nine opened July 4, 1966.

In 2019, ownership changed the routing of the course, switching the nines and changing the hole sequence so that 13 and 14 no longer were back-to-back par threes.

On the day I played, I started on the back nine.

Five at Deme Acres is a 350 yard par 4

The course is quite flat, but half-a-dozen doglegs, occasionally threatening water, ditches and carries over rough offered enough to keep me interested. Indeed, each of the holes managed to be distinctive.

Deme Acres is a course on which a bogey golfer can have a lot of fun. There’s enough to keep a golfer engaged, without beating them up.

An aerial view of Deme Acres

A par 70, Deme Acres extends to 5, 735 yards from the back tees. A bogey golfer can shoot a good score here and have a lot of fun.

Blue5, 735NANA
White5, 264NANA
Red4, 431NANA
Eight at Deme Acres is a 312 yard par 4.

My favorite hole at Deme Acres was the par four eighth. It’s a 312-yard dogleg par four, with trees and a bunker on the inside of the turn, making an attempt to cut the corner risky.

A view from the fairway on Deme Acres’ eighth, showing the c-shaped bunker. I tried to cut this corner and failed. Next time, I’ll play wide and just take the longer shot into the green.

The green on the eighth — like most at Deme Acres is very flat. Indeed, virtually everything at Deme Acres is flat: even some of the bunkers.

A flat bunker at Deme Acres

Conditions on the day I played were variable. In some areas the fairways were as lush as you’d like. In others, the grass was struggling. The greens were all in great condition, however. Overall, there was nothing that would detract from a golfer’s enjoyment of a round.

Conditions on the course varied. Most areas were very good; others not so much.

As far as value, Deme Acres shines. Eighteen holes walking during the week was just $16 in 2022. Eighteen with a cart was $28.

At some level, I feel bad giving Deme Acres a mere C+. It is a pleasant and friendly course, whose owners obviously care about the place. I can’t recommend that you go out of your way to visit, but if it is only a short drive, it is worth a stop. Deme Acres is just over a half hour’s drive from GolfBlogger World Headquarters in Ann Arbor, so I may very well visit again.

The post Deme Acres Golf Course Review first appeared on GolfBlogger.Com. It is based on notes and photos taken on a round played in the summer of 2022.

A photo tour of Whiteford Valley North follows:Bru

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