Fitness Friday: Beginners Guide To Weight Lifting

Fitness Friday: Beginners Guide To Weight Lifting

The GolfBlogger is a big advocate of weight lifting, both for general sustained health, and as a way to improve the golf game. For years, I was a three-times-a-week gym rat. Since the pandemic began, I’ve been away from the gym, but not from weights. I now work out with 70 lbs of kettlebells three times a week in my basement.

A recent article in Outside has a nice summary of weights basics, much of which can be done in a minimally equipped home station.

I love this quote from the article on the benefits of weight training:

“Strength is the mother of all athletic qualities,” says Chase Karnes, a Kentucky-based certified strength and conditioning specialist. “Endurance, speed, agility, power, balance, flexibility, and stamina all improve when you get stronger. Your risk of injury decreases, too.”

Speed, agility, power, balance and flexibility are all essential requirements of a good golf game. Endurance and stamina are critical to a dedicated walking golfers such as myself.

Give the article a read. Its got some good basics, and suggestions for routines.

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