Gary Player’s Masters’ Predictions

Gary Player has always been one of my favorite players (we share a birthday) —and much more so since he took time out to talk to my young son during one of the Ford Players’ Championships. We had been following him throughout the day (he was with Chi Chi), and on the tenth, Player walked over to the ropes, shook my son’s hand and asked about his golf game. My son kind of stammered, but Player said some encouraging words and said that whatever he chose to do, he must “practice, practice, practice.”

I don’t know why he decided to come over to us. We certainly were not calling his name or making a spectacle of ourselves. But perhaps he had noticed that we were following him through his round (there weren’t that many people there). It was an incredibly nice thing to do and made a real impression on a young kid (and on his golf-blogging dad). I can’t imagine that anyone would take time out for a kid in the middle of a Major. I wish we were able to get an autograph from him later in the day, but missed our opportunity. The memory, however, will last forever.

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1 thought on “Gary Player’s Masters’ Predictions”

  1. Gary Player has always seemed like one of the good guys. I cherish a photo of my Mom with him at Doral back in the ‘70s. Like you and your son, my Mom enjoyed that “moment” as well. I personally admire him for his fitness commitment. He was ahead of his time.


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