GForce Swing Trainer Review

GForce Swing Trainer Review pictured: GForce Swing Trainer

GForce Swing Trainer Review

GForce Swing Trainer
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: A next-level golf swing trainer

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Flexible shaft swing trainers are nothing new. I have acquired several over the years, all of which purport to help with rhythm and tempo. And they all do, to some extent.

The GForce Golf Swing Trainer is next level, though. What makes the difference is that the GForce has the same length and swing weight as a standard 7 iron. That has made it much easier for me to move from swing trainer to hitting a ball on the course with a regular club.

Even better, you can actually hit a ball with the GForce, which provides visual and tactile feedback on the backswing, swingplane and release. The clubhead looks and feels like a regular game improvement iron clubhead.

Although I am sure that I am breaking at least fifty of the thirty four rules of golf, I’ve kept this GForce Swing Trainer in my bag since I received it. Whenever my swing starts to go awry, I pull out this club and take a couple of practice swings to get my groove back.

The fact that the GForce feels the same as a standard seven iron makes it very easy to transfer the feeling from this to my regular irons. Two or three practice swings and I am ready to go.

Most of my usage of the GForce has been on the course with practice swings. I have tried hitting balls with it on the range, but did not have much success. That surely says something about the appalling nature of my swing.

On the course, however, during my practice rounds, it is terrific.

The best part is that it is entirely unobtrusive. I can pull it, take a couple of swings, put it away and pull a real iron for a shot. Anyone observing would think I simply took a couple of practice swings and then decided to club up or down.

Of note: it’s a USGA approved club, so if you actually hit a ball with the GForce, that is perfectly legal.

The video below shows some of the ways in which the GForce Swing Trainer can be used to fix various faults in your swing.

The GForce Swing trainer is one of those rare swing trainers that is effective, simple to use and unobtrusive.


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