GolfBlogger Scheduled For Myrtle Beach Vacation

I’m afraid that I may be admitting to some form of golf heresy when I confess that I’ve never been to play at Myrtle Beach. I’m scheduled to rectify that situation this year. Unfortunately, my trip is scheduled for July, when I’m convinced it will be as hot and humid as it possibly can be.

Still, that’ll knock one more locale off my golf to-do list. The list mainly is centered around achieving a variety of experiences, not visiting any particular course or completing a list of states, per se. I’ve golfed in quite a number of different states, but I’m not counting them all. Ohio and Indiana golf, for example, don’t seem much different to me from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware or Virginia golf. West Virginia wasn’t for me appreciably different from Kentucky.

So, accomplished: California, Florida, Appalachia, Texas (The Colonial)

Still to play:
Oregon (Bandon specifically)
Colorado or Utah (mountain golf)
The Gulf Coast

Outside the US, I’d like to take a golf holiday to:
New Zealand

I’ve also got a notion about a Spain golf holiday, particularly on the Mediterranean Coast.


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