GolfBlogger’s Father’s Day Gift Guide: Shoes

GolfBlogger’s Father’s Day Gift Guide: Shoes

GolfBlogger’s Fathers’ Day Gift Guides: Shoes consists of curated, personally reviewed products that you can consider for the golfer in your life. In the Golf Shoes gift category are selections from True and Sqairz.

TRUE OG Feel Golf Shoes

TRUE OG Golf Shoes
Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: My new go-to shoe for summer golf

The True OG Feel combines knit uppers with leather reinforcements that are reminiscent of classic saddle shoes. They manage to look both modern and classic at the same time.

These are minimalist shoes, with flexible soft rubber soles. The TRUE OG Feel is amazingly light at just 8.7 ounces. Between the airy knit uppers and the ground hugging soles, these shoes are as close as you will get to playing barefoot.

My go-to hot weather golf shoes.

Sqairz Golf Shoes

Sqairz Golf Shoes
Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: Comfortable, helps with alignment, great traction

The distinctive square toes of the Sqairz golf shoes serve two purposes:

First, the square front helps golfers with alignment, while still conforming to golf rules. When setting up with these shoes, it is very easy to see where your body is pointed.

Second, it offers more room for the toes. Sqairz says that it’s design also enables a full range of motion through the swing. With that square front, the company says, comes a wide base that provides greater stability and balance. If your toes spread naturally, you cannot help but end up with more natural weight transition.

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