Golfers Gum Energy Supplement Review

Golfers Gum
Golfers Gum Energy Supplement

Golfers Gum Energy Supplement Review

Golfers Gum Energy Supplement
Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: It’s good gum, with a caffeine boost.

Chewing gum has been found to improve concentration. And a moderate dose of caffeine has been found to improve golf performance while reducing fatigue over a round. According to a 2016 study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a division of the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health, “A moderate dose of caffeine consumed before and during a round of golf improves golf-specific measures of performance and reduces fatigue.” A 2015 Auburn University study found similar results, shaving, on average, two strokes off of collegiate golf scores. “Chewing gum was [also] associated with enhanced productivity and reduced cognitive errors,” according to the NCBI.

Caffeine infused gum, therefore, seems as natural a pairing as peanut butter and chocolate, or vermouth and rye.

Golfers Gum offers just that: a caffeine-infused, liquid center piece of chewing gum. The gum has 80 mg of caffeine per piece, which is about what you’d find in a cup of coffee. The liquid also contains B-Vitamins, which are thought by some to help convert food to glucose, thereby providing an energy boost. The gum uses xylitol (alcohol sugar) for sweetener.

Given the wintry conditions right now here in Michigan, I have not had the chance to try Golfers Gum out on the course. I did, however, chomp on pieces on a couple of occasions when I felt myself at a particularly low ebb before heading for my appointed rounds at the gym. After chewing for a while, I felt the effect of a strong cup of coffee. I forgot about being tired, and cruised through my sets as though I had just gotten up from a nap.

I imagine that the effect on the course would be just as pronounced. You have to understand your own caffeine tolerance, though. If (as is the case with several of my friends), caffeine makes you jittery, you probably don’t want to use this product.

The gum itself was pretty good. Soft, and tasty. It stayed soft through a two hour workout and beyond. I wore out my jaw before I wore out the gum.

“There’s an evolving consumer demand for cleaner supplements,” says Troy Widgery, CEO and founder of Apollo Gum Company. “We’re creating the future of energy. Golf Gum’s liquid core delivery system rapidly releases the full benefits of specially-sourced natural caffeine and B-vitamins. Although the taste lasts for hours, you don’t have to chew it for more than a few minutes to experience the results of a pure, compact formula that provides long-lasting, comfortable energy. Golf Gum also contains an effective dose of Xylitol, a natural sweetener that has been proven to reduce the risk of cavities and strengthen tooth enamel.”

I’ll keep a pack of this around for those after-work rounds in the spring and summer when I need a pick-me-up.

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