Hogan Shrines At The Colonial Country Club

Crowne Plaza (14 of 60)
The Ben Hogan Statue at The Colonial

The ghost of Ben Hogan is omnipresent at The Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas. Hogan won the Colonial National Invitational (now the Dean & Deluca) five times, and for years was an active member at the club.

While exploring the clubhouse at the Colonial during my visit to the 2011 Crowne Plaza Invitational, I discovered several Ben Hogan shrines.

Just outside the clubhouse, and near the main entrance  is the famous statue of Ben Hogan.

Then, on the first floor, just off the pro shop is a replica of his office.

Crowne Plaza (58 of 60)
The replica Ben Hogan office at The Colonial

The other, on the second floor, is a sort of mini museum, with trophies, and other memorabilia. Two video tours (not mine) of that room follow:

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