Hot Girls Pearls Review

Hot Girls Pearls Review

Hot Girls Pearls Review

Hot Girls Pearls
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Mrs. GolfBlogger really likes them. Perfect as a gift for the woman in your life.

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Mrs. GolfBlogger does not like to be hot. I am certain that it has something to do with being a native of Michigan, where for three quarters of the year, the temperatures range from moderate to downright cold. How she survived Texas and Utah during her years in the Air Force I’ll never know.

Hot Girls Pearls are a very attractive and effective way to cool off on hot summer days or at any point where you’re feeling flushed.

The “pearls” are hollow plastic filled with a nontoxic gel. I imagine that it is a similar material to the gel in reusable cold packs for athletic injuries.

To prepare for use, place the pearls in the freezer in their insulated bag for at least four hours. Mrs. GolfBlogger just stores them in the freezer between uses. Then, when she comes home after one of her grueling 20 mile bike rides, she immediately puts them on.

She feels cool, and looks good at the same time. Much more stylish than tying on a wet microfiber cloth.

Mrs. GolfBlogger has found that the pearls stay cool for nearly an hour. That’s longer than Hot Girls Pearls promises. It’s not long enough for a round of golf. It is, however, long enough for a nice walk, some backyard gardening, or just a long cool-down period after a workout.

On the other hand, with a couple of the strands, a player could get quite a way through a round. Keep them in the golf bag’s cooler pocket until you heat up, then wear one until its cooling wear off. A spare could be kept in its storage bag, which also has the frozen gel. While wearing one, the other could be kept in a golf bag’s pocket in reserve.

I ran across them at this past spring’s PGA Show, so they’re actively marketing to women golfers.

One thing Mrs. GolfBlogger particularly likes about the Hot Girls Pearls is the magnetic clasp. That makes it very easy to put on and take off. No spouse required.

The pearl necklaces come in three lengths: 16″, 18″ and 20″. There are also a nice variety of colors: ivory, black, coral, rainbow, sparkle, sterling, champagne, red, blue, lavender, coral and various color combinations. Their Breast Cancer Awareness pearls are white with pink spacers. I was happy to see that they also had turquoise, Mrs. GolfBlogger’s favorite color.

Hot Girls Pearls Review
A close up of the Hot Girls Pearls for size comparison. Also showing the magnetic clasp.

The pearls on the necklace are larger than a real pearl (or at least any that I’ve seen), but very much in line with other costume style jewelry that I’ve seen. Mrs. GolfBlogger thinks they look nice.

In addition to necklaces, Hot Girls Pearls also has pearl and chicklet bracelets. The chicklet bracelets come in some very nice colorways as well.

Hot Girls Pearls advertises the cooling jewelry as a balm for overheating due to menopause, pregnancy, workouts or some medical conditions. It isn’t just a marketing gimmick. The founders are two women (Connie Sherman and Leslie Myers) who created the product to fit their needs.

So here’s the bottom line on Hot Girls Pearls: I think they’d be a great gift for a woman in your life. She’ll appreciate both the utility and the looks.

Highly recommended.

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