Is Strength Training Good For The Golf Swing?

Is Strength Training Good For The Golf Swing? Is Strength Training Good For The Golf Swing?

There has been a lot of discussion about whether weight lifting and strength training is “good” for the golf swing. Some blame weights for a rash of injuries on the PGA TOUR. Others take the position that such training actually¬†prevents more injuries.

For my part, I feel as though my own modest efforts have been beneficial. I hit the gym three times a week for weights sessions that include squats, lifts, various presses, curls and rows, as well as a lot of core work. At fifty-something, I am stronger than I have ever been; my back issues have (knock wood) not flared up in two years and on good days, I am striking the ball very solidly.

As with all things, moderation likely is the key.

Vice Sports put out a short video on Joe Miller, reigning World Long Drive Champion. Miller got his start lifting weights and now swings the club 150 mph with a ball speed of 225.

That’s extreme, not moderate. But it works for him.

Michael Manavian, pro body builder, fitness guru and golf pro.

A year ago, I had a chance airport meeting with a gentleman named Michael Manavian, who in addition to being a teaching pro, is a former world class body builder.  Manavian is the Director of Golf at Clay DX Sports Lab in New York. I have kept in touch with him via social media and needless to say, he is an advocate of fitness training for golf.  I wish that I lived close enough to work with Michael. Many of the ideas that he has expressed make me think he could really help my game.

Manavian is also the author of Atomic Golf.

Finally, I also recently had the chance to discuss fitness with celebrity trainer Joey D. He’s a fascinating guy, and also obviously has nothing but enthusiasm for fitness training and an awareness of health in general. I’ll have more on that conversation as soon as I can transcribe the recording. But Joey D’s fitness videos on YouTube speak to his ideas about golf, health and fitness. Again, there’s a guy I think could really help with this middlin’ amateur’s game.

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