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While cleaning a bunch of scorecards from my bag this week,  I realized that I haven’t kept score during a round for quite some time. I had sixteen cards, and on only one had I recorded numbers for more than three holes. That’s when it occurred to me that I haven’t recorded a single score for my handicap in nearly two seasons.

I don’t know why I’ve fallen out of the habit. It’s not that I’ve been playing poorly and am trying to avoid the issue. On the contrary, I know that – a few driver distance issues aside – I’ve been striking the ball very well. I also know that I’ve been chipping and putting with accuracy.

The sixteen cards are for twelve different courses, and if I thought about it, I am sure that I could go back and reconstruct a good many of those rounds. I have a terrific memory for holes and shots and rounds.

But I don’t really have any interest in knowing what, exactly, I shot. I’ve really been enjoying golf this summer while playing as many different courses as I can. I’m taking the time to enjoy the scenery, and the flight of the ball. I often pause to take photos of the course. In my bag is my Palm pilot; I take notes about things that occur to me as I’m playing.

I may have fallen out of the habit earlier this summer when I spent a couple of rounds hitting balls just for the fun of it. I’d get to the 150 mark and drop a few balls to fire away at the pin. Or, coming to a good driving hole, would hit three or four just to see how far I could bomb it. Putting is my favorite part of the game, so I’d take a few extra ones just for the heck of it.

And now that I think about it, I’ve been doing that all summer. I usually play alone, on weekdays, and in the early mornings, so there is no one around to complain. If I play three, four, or five balls, no one is the wiser.

Golf is a lot of fun when you don’t keep track of your shots. I may not keep score again.

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2 thoughts on “Keeping Score”

  1. I’ve found that you tend to play better when the pressure is off. Whether you take it off by not keeping score or it leaves because your partner is beating you so bad that you don’t worry about it any more.

    Now if we could find a way to play that relaxed when we are keeping score or playing in a tournament, what would that be worth.

    I haven’t been able to get to the point of not keeping score, but I am really focused on trying to relax and slow down while playing.

    The Golf Nut

  2. My game has evolved similarly to yours. A former tournament player, I no longer maintain a handicap or keep score, although I respect most other rules of the game. My reason is “glory days”. I no longer play as well as I used to, and struggle with this. So, I hide my scores from myself and focus on working on making a good swing or hitting my line. This way, the only person I fool is myself. I get out alot with others who seem to respect my approach, even the ones who do focus on score.

    I do limit such strategy in life to my golf game, I am happy to report. And this re-focus has not left me wanting. I now feed our local foxes, hear the birds, and enjoy early morning golf. But we have a busy course with a problem with members repairing ball marks and divots. Therefore, maintenance staff frown on a second ball, especially being hit on our greens, so I respect their wishes and never hit 2 approaches when I play early.

    Interesting – the “word I see below:” is “values”.


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