Michigan Man Dies In Golf Cart Accident

The AP is reporting that Southfield High’s golf coach died when the cart he was driving flipped. The other occupant also was injured. The accident occurred at Copper Hills. I played (indeed, walked) that course last fall. It’s got some very steep inclines, and he apparently was trying to retrieve a ball when the accident occurred.

I’ve witnessed golf carts flipping before. Here’s the thing we have to remember: a golf cart is not an AWD Subaru. The wheelbase is fairly narrow, and they tip more easily than you would think. Exercise caution.

Or walk. Walking is always best.

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2 thoughts on “Michigan Man Dies In Golf Cart Accident”

  1. I saw the aftermath of a cart going over last year.  Fortunately, the result was only scrapes and bruises.  Carts (and other off road vehicles) should be treated like a tractor, stay perpendicular to the slope, if at all possible.  If you must cross a slope, no turns into the slope except at very low speeds.  Otherwise walk.


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