Michigan’s Golf Season Comes To A Sudden Halt

Washtenaw Golf Club Under A Blanket of Snow

Michigan’s Golf Season Comes To A Sudden Halt

Sunday afternoon, I played golf in shirtsleeves and a vest. On Monday snow moved in. By Tuesday, we were buried in a foot of snow.

I can’t recall the last time we had a school snow day this early in November. A couple of years ago, a storm blew through and the winds knocked out much of the power grid. I also vaguely recall an ice storm. And sadly, we’ve had a couple of closures due to threats of violence.

But not an actual “snow” day. Not this early.

While I was taking photos at Washtenaw Golf Club, I had a quick chat with Alec Grant, their Director of Golf. He seemed to think that the course would be back open next week.

He may be right. The ten day forecast suggests a warming is in the offing.

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