Mickelson’s Masterful Win

Early reactions to the 2006 Masters:

I was impressed with Phil’s final round at the Masters today for two reasons:

First, because he played without any of the swashbuckling and risk-taking that the younger Phil was known for. No crowd pleasers, just solid, tactical golf. It’s probably his maturity as a golfer. If he keeps this up, he could be the foil to Tiger that we all have been waiting for.

The second reason I was impressed was that he really seemed to be enjoying himself, and feeding off the crowd. It’s a nice contrast to the tunnel-vision zone that Tiger goes into. I can’t remember a Major where Tiger chatted amiably with his partner in the final round.

Another Thought (I’m adding these as I come up with them)

Phil is two wins away from a Tiger Slam. But I think that the Open Championship will be the hardest for him to win.

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2 thoughts on “Mickelson’s Masterful Win”

  1. Ok, well I was pulling hard for Couples—Ok, I was pulling for JD until he missed cut—but then I was pulling for Freddie.  It would have been so great to have seen him win at 46 on the 20th anniversary of Jack’s win. 

    Plus, except for when he was within 6 feet of the hole, Freddie was masterful.  Just a complete joy to watch- even when he ended up by the creek he put himself in position for a birdie.  (Why,oh why, could he not make those short putts?).

    But I have to admit as well, that I became a big Phil fan watching him walk the course with Couples.  You could really tell they were pretty much having a great time together.  It isn’t quite that way when you watch Vijay or Tiger walks with someone.

    I will be cheering for Phil now, when Daly and/or Couples is not in contention.

  2. I thought the pure emotion showed by Tiger throughout the round was fascinating. I felt bad for him putting as poorly as he did, but it was really interesting to see him react so angrily as he did.

    Particularly on the 13th hole, after missing the eagle putt, just a look of pure anger on his face.

    Then on the 18th hole, after finally making a long birdie putt, just throwing his club down in disgust at his 33-putt round.

    That was great theater!

    And his comments afterwards were interesting and hilarious. He hit the ball so well, and was so angry at himself for his poor putting.

    Some days, Tiger is like us.


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