Nirvana HMB Water Review

Nirvana HMB Water Review Pictured bottle of nirvana hmb water

Nirvana HMB Water Review

Nirvana HMB Muscle Wellness Water
Grade: A?
Teachers’ Comments: Great tasting water; no way to be sure about the claims of muscle wellness.
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Nirvana recently sent a couple of packs of its HMB muscle wellness water for review.

I am not at all a fan of plain water, either from the tap (we are on Detroit water), or from a bottle. Ironically, I have always thought that plain water tastes a bit “dry.” Nirvana’s Adirondak springs water is pretty much the first that I’ve been willing to consume without adding a bit of flavoring (often a little lemon, or a squirt from a bottle of Mio).

Nivana’s water tastes clean, and is quite refreshing.

Nirvana water is infused with a naturally occurring chemical called HMB (Hydroxymethylbutyrate). HMB is produced when the body breaks down leucine, an amino acid that is a protein building block.

The idea behind Nirvana water is that the infused HMB can speed up recovery from exercise, reducing fatigue and soreness. At the same time, it is said to increase muscle protein synthesis.

Translation: it helps build and maintain muscle.

A bottle of Nirvana contains .6 grams of HMB.

If you look around, you’ll find lots of HMB supplements for sale at health stores, drug store and on Amazon. I don’t mistake popularity for empirical evidence, though.

A quick survey of research shows that HMB is used to reduce muscle breakdown in people with AIDS. There is some evidence that it can decrease muscle loss from aging. The jury is still out on whether it is effective for athletic performance, and muscle damage. A summary of studies that I found (on a legit medical site) says that early research indicates that taking HMB before and after exercise might prevent muscle damage; may help increase muscle by a small amount; that it can lower cholesterol and also can lower blood pressure.

As I said. The jury is still out. The claims are not ruled out; at the same time, they are not confirmed with scientific certainty.

For my part, I have found that I feel good consuming the Nirvana water during and after my thrice weekly weights session. Part of that surely is simply downing an ample supply of clean, hydrating water. Hydration is underrated as a tonic for what ails you. If the water tastes good — and Nirvana HMB does — then I am more likely to stay hydrated.

I’ve also put bottles into my golf bag for use while playing. As loyal readers know, I am a dedicated walking golfer, but as I get older (I’m pushing 60 at this point), the muscles get a little more sore than before. A big bottle of water will help reduce lactic acid buildup and muscle burn.

As for the HMB part, I am as uncertain as the studies. I think it’s possible that it helps. It certainly doesn’t hurt. That’s probably good enough.

This is a product I can see myself continuing to use.

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