Prepping For The 2013 Season

Cutting Off Old Grips photo regrip-1010638_zpsf1dbf1b0.jpg

In preparation for the season, I spend Sunday regripping all of my clubs. The irons were finished in Winn Grips DriTacs sent to me for review by Grips4Less. My first reaction is that Winn has improved quite a bit since I tried to install a set more than a decade ago. Those grips fell apart as I slid them on the shaft. That was enough to keep me from going back to Winn for a very long time. These DriTacs don’t have that issue, and are soft and tacky enough that I think they’ll be wonderful for the bare handed play I prefer.

The woods and driver, on the other hand, were fitted with Bocceri golf’s “Secret Grip.” These grips, endorsed by Jack Nicklaus, are fitted with a 17 gram backweight. In changing the balance point, these are supposed to improve your consistency, control and distance. Nicklaus is involved in the project because he backweighted his clubs throughout his career.

I’ll let you know how these all work in play later.

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