Pursuit c455 Hybrid

Pursuit c455 Hybridicon

The Pursuit c455 hybrid is an example of how GigaGolf—a “follower” manufacturer—has branched out from copying design principles to developing their own. GigaGolf says that the Pursuit line came about a couple of years ago when they noticed that club manufacturers were putting slots on the tops of their drivers to create a trampoline effect (you know which ones those were.) GigaGolf then decided to put a slot on the bottom of the driver, under the assumption that most high handicappers will miss the sweet spot low. The low slot helps to correct for that mistake.

Since the development of the c455 driver, GigaGolf has extended the principle to its fairway and hybrid clubs. The c455 in the name refers to the c455 steel used in the face.

It looks like it could be a good bet, especially for players who don’t need brand names, bargain hunters, beginners and occasional golfers. As with all GigaGolf products, these come with a 30 day play guarantee.

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