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I’m sure the laws vary by jurisdiction, but Garia claims to have built the first street legal luxury golf cart. I watched the videos on their site, and it looks to me as though it would be a perfect urban vehicle—albeit one for warmer climes than Ann Arbor’s. If you tried riding around in an open buggy here in the winter, you’d look like a snowman in no time at all—not to mention the constant spraying of salty ice water from the roads. What they really need to do is to have clip-on plastic sides to protect against the elements.

I wonder if this would qualify for one of those Obama electric car tax breaks. I haven’t been able to find a price on the Garia, but the tax break could make it much more affordable.

Press release follows:

World Premiere: Luxury Golf Cart Goes Street Legal

With the street legal version of The Garia you can take luxury and comfort straight from the green to the street.

Built at the same factory as the Porsche Boxster and Cayman and with luxury features such as a super-car inspired steering wheel, a built-in refrigerator and hand-stitched seats, The Garia is the ultimate machine in
its class.
Now, The Garia LSV*, a street legal version of The Garia, lets you drive directly from the golf course to the streets. Fitted with street legal safety equipment such as seatbelts, side mirrors and reflectors, The Garia
LSV will take you straight from your home to the golf course, tennis club, grocery store or your favorite cafe.

With a 25 mph top speed, The Garia LSV features a double wishbone front suspension, automotive style shocks and springs and a unique digital instrument cluster with all relevant driver information.

Superb handling and stability, extra storage space and a comfortable car-like driving position simply makes The Garia LSV ideal for your short, daily commutes.

The Garia LSV features a drive train built by an Italian company that also produces Ducati gearboxes, and its components are made by the same company that supplies Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Volvo.

With automotive features unseen in the golf cart industry The Garia LSV has – as the first golf cart ever – entered the automotive league and earned its right to be called a car as opposed to a cart.

For videos of The Garia LSV in the perfect city scene, New York City, please visit

To find your nearest Garia dealer, please visit:

*LSV is short for Low Speed Vehicle. Subject to state and country regulations, LSVs are allowed to be operated on roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less.

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  1. After searching for hours, I finally have come across a golf cart worthy of the word “Luxury.”  I’m looking for a few more accoutrements though, like a Bose stereo system, rear storage, and removable side flaps.  I suppose with all of that weight the current battery powered systems can’t do that.  MPV will make all of that possible though, and then I can charge my iPhone or iPad while I’m driving.  I use it to watch TV when I’m waiting for the slow ones to finish their turn.  I just hook up a Sling box to my DISH Network employee DVR at home.


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